June 25, 2005 - Rise of the Star is RELEASED!!! Hit the Media page for downloads!

June 9, 2005 - Fixed more typos, added more dummy links to media. I still need mirrors, so PM me at OCR if you can provide. <(^_^<) Stay tuned.

June 7, 2005 - Added a basic framework for the Media page. Track titles and dummy links are up. No downloads yet though, stay tuned. (>^_^)>

June 5, 2005 - Update! I added content to the about section. I also have obtained all of the wave masters for each remix. They are sitting in a folder on my hard drive. I will be working out details with the appropriate people in the coming week. Hopefully we can see a release soon. Stay tuned! ^(^_^)^

June 5, 2005 - The site for the Rise of the Star - The Kirby's Adventure Remix Collaboration is up. It's not fully functional yet. In fact, there is pretty much no content right now except for this little blurb and the links section. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Stay tuned. <(^_^)>