There are a lot of people I'd like to thank for making this project a success.
KirbyMixer, Darangen, Adhesive_Boy, analoq, Rellik, Suzumebachi, chthonic, Trenthian, Graylightning, Bladiator, and Hemophiliac
...for taking the music of Kirby's Adventure to another level and giving us something fantastic to listen to.
Reelmojo and all the participants of PRC2.9
...for helping me out when I just couldn't find a mixer to cover the last track.
Ari Asulin and Binnie Katti
...for giving me advice on project management when I was in the planning stages of the project.
All of the mixers who auditioned and attempted mixes
...for showing their support and interest in the project.
Forumgoers of OverClocked ReMix
...for continually nagging me to release the project. ;)
WIP watchers at VGMix
...for providing valuable feedback for the mixers' tracks.
Everyone who provided a mirror
...for easing the stress on everyone's bandwidth.
...for awesome album art.
djpretzel and aubrey
...for setting up the OCR Spotlight and the torrent.
Hirokazu Ando and Jun Ishikawa
...for writing the soundtrack of my childhood.
HAL Labs and Nintendo
...for making one of the best damn games ever.
...just because.